302 people arrested for protesting Trump’s rape scandal nominee Kavanaugh

This 4 October 2018 video from Washington, D.C. in the USA says about itself:

Kavanaugh Protest: 300 Activists Arrested Including Amy Schumer

A total of 302 activists including Amy Schumer were arrested today in the US Capitol’s Hart Atrium after protesting against Brett Kavanaugh. Filmed by Ford Fischer.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

US Supreme Court ruling guts ban on “cruel and unusual punishment”

2 April 2019

In a decision that sets a new standard for legalistic sophistry in the service of barbarism, the US Supreme Court has approved the execution of a Missouri inmate using methods that are tantamount to torture.

Despite evidence that the death row prisoner, Russell Bucklew, has a rare medical condition involving the formation of tumors in his bloodstream, which renders execution by lethal injection excruciatingly painful, the court issued a 5–4 ruling Monday that the execution should proceed as planned.

The decision was the first in which the replacement of conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy by ultra-conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh clearly paid dividends for the most right-wing factions in Washington. Kennedy was the fifth vote to approve a stay of execution for Bucklew last year in an earlier, unrelated appeal. Kavanaugh supplied the fifth vote to send Bucklew to the death chamber.

SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVORS PROTEST KAVANAUGH HIRING Sexual assault survivors and student activists at George Mason University are protesting the school’s hiring of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a visiting professor. News of Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Antonin Scalia Law School surfaced in late March in George Mason’s undergraduate newspaper, the Fourth Estate, sparking swift outcry. [HuffPost]

GRAHAM ‘PROMISES’ KAVANAUGH WON’T BE IMPEACHED Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) “promised” that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh won’t be impeached following the revelation of another sexual misconduct allegation. [HuffPost]

FBI ACCUSED OF ‘FAKE’ KAVANAUGH BACKGROUND CHECK Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said the FBI in 2018 conducted a “politically constrained and perhaps fake” background check on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after women accused the then-nominee of sexual assault. Whitehouse said witnesses couldn’t get through to the bureau and contacted senators for help. [HuffPost]

13 thoughts on “302 people arrested for protesting Trump’s rape scandal nominee Kavanaugh

  1. This is it. Right now, Senate Republicans are rushing forward with their plan to confirm serial sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The final vote could happen as early as Saturday afternoon.

    Win, lose, or still fighting, we MUST keep up a show of force and make sure every single politician hears us: Women and our allies are outraged, we’re not going away, and we will remember every single senator who voted to put another abuser on the Supreme Court.

    That’s why UltraViolet Action, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.org, the Women’s March, and many other groups are working together to pull off national “No Justice, No Seat” marches all across the country, this Saturday, October 6. But to make this work, we ALL need to show up on Saturday.

    Can you sign up to join your local march TOMORROW, Saturday?


    OR if there’s not a march near you yet, sign up to organize one. You’ll receive a toolkit, training, and help along the way.

    We’ve been taking action together for over a month, with thousands of grassroots activists and survivors of sexual assault fighting in Washington, DC and at key senators’ offices across the country. It is because of this courage and fire that we’ve been able to hold off the vote for so long. We know that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will not only send a message that sexual violence is rewarded with power, it will also likely mean the rolling back of countless rights and freedoms, including abortion access, health care, affirmative action, LGBTQ rights, and so much more.

    This Saturday, October 6, the full Senate is expected to vote on his confirmation. That day, we need to show up in numbers too big to ignore, all across the country, to make sure they hear our demands loud and clear in DC: Believe survivors and vote NO! This is likely our final opportunity to force the Senate to do the right thing–the stakes are too high to stay home!

    Join the “No Justice, No Seat” march TOMORROW, Saturday, October 6, taking place in DC and communities around the country.

    Thank you for taking action.

    –Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Holly, Kathy, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Emma, Pilar, Natalie, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, and Ryan, the UltraViolet Action team

    P.S. Once you sign up, let us know if you’re able to pick up signs, and we’ll contact you with more information.

    P.P.S Join the national “No Justice, No Seat” planning call, TODAY Friday, October 5, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.


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  3. Last year, Sen. Susan Collins said that a Supreme Court nominee “who would overturn Roe v. Wade would not be acceptable to me.”1

    She lied. Not only did she vote for Brett Kavanaugh–she gave him the clinching 50th vote.

    Then last week, when Kavanaugh voted to shut down virtually every abortion clinic in the state of Louisiana, she lied again–making the absurd claim that Kavanaugh’s vote was consistent with Roe v. Wade.2

    Collins is scared because she’s up for reelection in 2020, and voters are pissed. So she’s trying to get away with her vote for Kavanaugh by lying like Trump.

    But we’re not going to let that happen. We’re holding her accountable by making sure Maine voters know the truth: that Brett Kavanaugh is doing exactly what we said he would–voting to end abortion rights. Will you chip in $5?

    Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to help hold Susan Collins accountable for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

    Our exact plan to call out Collins will depend on how much we raise, but with enough resources, we can run targeted online ads, plan attention-getting media events, and invest in on-the-ground organizing between now and November 2020 to make sure voters don’t forget just how Collins voted to put anti-choice Kavanaugh on the bench.

    This really matters.

    Kavanaugh’s vote to shut down all but one clinic in Louisiana is a total repudiation of everything Susan Collins had said in defending her vote for him.

    She said she believed he would uphold Roe because he believed in “precedent.”3 But in voting to allow the Louisiana clinic shutdowns to go forward, he was voting to reverse a precedent set less than three years ago, when the Supreme Court struck down a nearly identical Texas law.4

    Click here to make a donation to help call out Susan Collins for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

    And now we may have found out the real reason she broke her promise and voted for Kavanaugh: in the weeks following her vote to confirm Kavanaugh, she received a record-shattering amount of money from out-of-state conservatives and Super PACs.

    In fact, Mitch McConnell openly promised that she would be well-funded immediately after she voted for Brett Kavanaugh, and now we know what he meant.5

    Susan Collins has spent a career telling voters she was pro-choice and would defend Roe v. Wade. Then, she sold out to campaign contributors, giving Kavanaugh the decisive 50th vote that put him on the Supreme Court.

    The media in Maine has been notoriously biased in favor of Senator Collins for years–that’s a big part of why she’s the only Republican left in all of New England. So we can’t count on them to hold her accountable for her voting record. It’s up to us to make sure voters know the truth. Will you chip in $5 to help hold Susan Collins accountable for her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh?

    Yes, I’ll chip in $5.

    Thank you for joining in.

    –Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Holly, Kathy, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Emma, Pilar, Natalie, Melody, Lindsay, Pam, Ryan, and Sonja, the UltraViolet Action team



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