Leiden botanical garden video

This 27 September 2018 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Autumn has started! In the Netherlands it’s time to plant the flower bulbs in the garden. Ever since the beginning of the Hortus botanicus Leiden we have cultivated unusual species of bulbs. In the olden days the rarer bulbs (like tulips) were grown in a fenced part of the Clusius Garden.

Nowadays our bulb collection has become so extensive and complex that we devoted a new part of the garden to cultivate, and a special glasshouse to display the crown jewels of our bulb collection. Together with researchers of Universiteit Leiden / Leiden University Naturalis Wageningen University & Research we are doing research into the endangered European orchids. Head of glass houses Rogier van Vugt explains why in this video.

4 thoughts on “Leiden botanical garden video

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