We will stop aggressive wars, British Labour says

Tony Blair and George W Bush

This photo shows Tony Blair and George W Bush, who lied Britain and the USA into bloody wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

No more ‘wars of intervention’ under Labour, Corbyn promises

THERE will be “no more reckless wars of intervention” under a Labour government, Jeremy Corbyn promised today.

Saying that Britain’s foreign policy was unsustainable, he cited the criminal invasion of Iraq and dismembering of Libya as among catastrophes inflicted by previous British governments on the Middle East.

He promised to “put negotiations before confrontation, diplomacy before tub-thumping threats” and condemned Tory collusion with the Saudi war on Yemen.

A foreign policy “driven by international solidarity” would champion “human rights and democracy everywhere and not just where it is commercially convenient”, he declared, while working to “resolve the world’s injustices, not standing idly by or worse fuelling them in the first place.” …

Mr Corbyn also condemned the attacks on press freedom by the Turkish government and the “grave atrocities” visited on the Rohingya people by the Myanmar government.

TURKISH unions have slammed the country’s authoritarian government following the arrest of a journalist for reporting the news of a man driven to suicide because he could not afford to buy a school uniform for his son: here.

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