Judge saves grizzly bears from Trump’s shooters

This video from the USA is called National Geographic Wild – Wild Yellowstone Grizzly Summer.

Translates from Dutch NOS TV today:

Grizzly bears in and around the Yellowstone National Park in the United States must be protected again. They are again on the list of protected animals, a US federal judge has decided.

The decision is a setback for hunters. They were planning to shoot the bears again for the first time after more than forty years.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had removed the grizzly bears in the Yellowstone National Park from the list of protected animals, because the number of bears there had supposedly grown sufficiently in recent years. The Trump government said they no longer needed a protected status.

Conservationists then went to court and demanded that the grizzlies in Yellowstone get the same protected status as grizzly bears in other American parks. The judge has said they are right now.

About forty years ago only 136 grizzly bears lived in the Greater Yellowstone area, now there are about 800.

JUDGE RESTORES PROTECTION FOR YELLOWSTONE BEARS A federal judge restored endangered species protection to some 700 grizzly bears living in or around Yellowstone National Park just days before Wyoming and Idaho were set to allow the hunting of nearly two dozen of the animals. [HuffPost]

BILLINGS, Mont. — U.S. government attorneys filed notice Friday that they are appealing a court ruling that blocked the first public hunts of grizzly bears in the Northern Rockies in decades. The appeal challenges a judge’s ruling that restored threatened species protections for more than 700 bears in and around Yellowstone National Park: here.

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