Cartoon on European Union xenophobia wins prize

'Good migrant, bad migrant?' Cartoon by Tjeerd Royaards

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Inkspot prize for drawing about ‘balcony hero’ and European border fence

A cartoon of the [so-called] illegal person who saved a child from a balcony in Paris after a climb, has brought its maker Tjeerd Royaards the 2018 Inkspot prize. His winning cartoon Good migrant, bad migrant? appeared on the website Cartoon Movement in May this year and was widely distributed via social media.

The draftsman referred to 23-year-old Mamoudou Gassama from Mali, who became world news when, when he ‘illegally’ saved a child in Paris hanging on a balcony. Royaards compares the hero with a migrant who climbs against a border fence. …

The border fence has a European Union flag picture on it.

Marinus Potman of the art commission of Nieuwspoort political journalism centre, where the prize was awarded, had already pointed out threats to cartoon artists. “That’s why security guards also are here, just like in other places where art can be seen.”

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