Poacher injures Dutch wildlife warden

This video from England says about itself:

Sabotaging an illegal fox hunt

10 July 2016

There has been a lot of depressing footage of late showing the hidden cruelty of fox hunting, in particular fox cubs being reared by hunt staff, only to be thrown to the hounds alive for “training” purposes.

So we thought we needed to lift the mood and show that hunting can be challenged and lives saved through simple direct action….here is some footage of last season, when we called the hounds in the opposite direction of the hunted fox, giving it time to escape (an often used tactic in basic hunt sabotage).

Even when our press and justice system sits on its arse doing nothing, we will not stand by and let the hunts get away with their cruelty unopposed.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 23 September 2018:

Poacher mistreats forester at Etten-Leur

A supervisor of the Forestry Department was wounded last night when he wanted to stop a poacher in the forest near Etten-Leur. He threatened him and hit the forester with a stool. The police managed to arrest the 60-year-old suspect later.

The forester saw the man – who had a hunting gun with him –

he was hunting foxes

when he did his daily round around 18.00 at the outskirts of Etten-Leur. According to regional broadcaster Omroep Brabant, he immediately recognized the man from a previous incident in which he had taken away his hunting licence.

‘I’ll kill you’

When the forester wanted to stop the poacher, things went wrong. The 60-year-old man took his stool off the ground and shouted: “I’ll kill you.” Then he struck with the stool towards the head of the forester.

He could partially avoid the blow, but was injured. During the struggle afterwards, the supervisor managed to swing the stool away.

Eventually the man ran off the cornfield, towards his car. He could still board and drive away, but was stopped a bit further by the alarmed police. The forester could return home after a medical treatment.

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