Rare silky sifaka lemurs re-released in the wild

This 20 September 2018 video from Madagascar says about itself:

Incredibly Rare Silky Sifaka Lemurs Re-Released in the Wild | BBC Earth

After inspecting these rare white lemurs, the scientists free them again, and discover a pleasant surprise. Narrated by David Attenborough.

Lemur study suggests why some fruits smell so fruity. A new test with lemurs and birds suggests there’s more to fruit odors than simple ripening. By Susan Milius, 2:12pm, October 3, 2018.

Researchers compared the gut microbes of 12 lemur species across the island of Madagascar, where thousands of acres of forest are cleared each year. The team found that some lemurs harbor microbes that are more specialized than others for the forests where they live: here.

Many people turn to the Internet to find a Mr. or Ms. Right. But lemurs don’t have to cyberstalk potential love interests to find a good match — they just give them a sniff. A study of lemur scents finds that an individual’s distinctive body odor reflects genetic differences in their immune system, and that other lemurs can detect these differences by smell: here.

In lemur society, it’s not males but the females who are in charge. A new study of the role of hormones in aggression in lemurs from before birth to adulthood suggests female domination gets wired early, while lemurs are still in the womb: here.

6 thoughts on “Rare silky sifaka lemurs re-released in the wild

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