Top 10 largest sharks of all time

This 27 August 2018 video says about itself:

10 Biggest Sharks That Ever Existed (Meg Isn’t Only the Largest!)

Few things terrify people less than sharks. At the same time, the dangers that these predators present fascinate us. We marvel at their power, strength, and size. Indeed, their size can be really impressive. Get ready to greet the 10 biggest sharks that have existed on Earth.

TIMESTAMPS: Great White Shark 1:13

Pacific Sleeper Shark 3:07

Tiger Shark 4:08

Basking Shark 5:17

Whale Shark 6:04

Cretoxyrhina 7:11

Otodus 7:43

Helicoprion 8:07

Ptychodus 8:33

Megalodon 8:58

A 19 September 2018 video used to say about itself:

15 Largest Sharks to Ever Exist – Comparison

This is another video on the size comparison of sharks but on this one we will showcase the 15 largest sharks to ever have existed which includes extinct giant sharks and the existing / alive sharks we have today.

Sharks have existed in the past that were way bigger than modern-day sharks and they even dwarf the great white in size. Some sharks were even as big as the modern-day basking and whale sharks.

The Meg / Megalodon has his competition by some of these species of sharks in comparison in size and ferociousness.

The 15 largest sharks include the biggest sharks from modern day and they rank way down in comparison to some sharks like the primitive Helicoprion, the ginsu shark and the Megalodon.

The primitive Otodus is one shark that can rival the lesser Megalodon specimens in size … So enjoy this video on the 15 largest sharks to ever exist – comparison.


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