‘Texas border policeman murdered women’

This 15 September 2018 video from the USA is called US ‘serial killer’ border agent arrested in Texas.

After the member of Donald Trump’s Texas border patrol who killed one woman (a refugee from Guatemala), now about a colleague of his for whom it seems one dead woman was not enough.

Translated from Dutch MOS TV today:

A border police officer has been arrested in Texas suspected of killing four women and kidnapping a fifth. The last woman managed to escape at a gas station and called the police.

The 35-year-old suspect was arrested in a parking lot of a hotel in Laredo city, about 250 kilometers southwest of San Antonio. He had been hiding there.

The authorities think the policeman killed the four women on his own during the last two weeks. Their bodies have recently been found in the vicinity of a highway towards Mexico.

Serial killer

“We see this as the work of a serial killer”, said the public prosecutor. …

It is striking that the officer had been working at the border police for 10 years and that he was aware of the investigation into the murders. “It is interesting that he watched while the authorities were looking for a murderer and that he simply came to work every day”, the prosecutor said.

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