Protest against Dutch royal hunting

Anti-royal hunting demonstrator today, photo NOS / Kysia Hekster

This photo shows a demonstrator against hunting by Dutch King Willem Alexander and his friends.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Some hundred people have demonstrated at Het Loo Royal Palace. They are against the annual shutdown in autumn of the woodlands near the palace during the traditional hunting season. A large part of the royal domain Het Loo near Apeldoorn was closed for more than three months. Until December 25, only the royal family may enter the woods.

A majority of the House of Representatives is against the annual closure, but Minister Schouten has rejected this wish and says that King Willem-Alexander is the administrator there.

Het Loo is called a ‘royal’ domain. But it is government property; the Dutch taxpayers pay its upkeep.

Driving hunt

The Fauna Protection Organisation and the Party for the Animals took action this afternoon to keep the forests open. They called on the king to be present, but he did not show up.

This morning the Fauna Protection Organisation placed a full-page letter in Trouw daily, in which the king was asked to keep the nature reserve open to the public throughout the year. The organization finds the closure unnecessary because the Royal House is said to have stopped their driving hunting for wild boar years ago. That drive hunt is also illegal. “It is a surprise to many citizens that the Royal Domain is nonetheless closed to the public every year for one hundred days”, writes the Fauna Protection Organisation.

Anti-royal hunting demonstrators today, photo NOS / Kysia Hekster

The sign on the left of this photo says, translated: Hurry up (or, in a wordplay: Stop shooting) open up (the nature reserve)! The sign on the right says Don’t let them shoot the wild boar! Party for the Animals.

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