Extinct Mosasaur species

This 19 October 2018 video says about itself:

Mosasaurs 101 | National Geographic

Mosasaurs were Earth’s last great marine reptiles. Learn about the surprising places they’d hunt, how some species dwarfed even the Tyrannosaurus rex, and how key physical adaptations allowed these reptiles to become prehistoric apex predators.

Another video used to say about itself:

15 September 2018

Mosasaurs are one of the largest families of non-dinosaur reptiles to exist during the age of dinosaurs. Mosasaurs are aquatic reptiles that are closely related to modern day snakes and monitor lizards.

Mosasaurus hoffmanni is the largest of that family. The Tylosaurus is also one of the largest mosasaurids.

There are numerous Mosasaurids or Mosasaur family species that can be compared.

In this comparison video we shall go ascending in size of the mosasaur species. The smallest mosasaur is the Dallasaurus and the largest mosasaurid is the Mosasaurus itself.

The Mosasaurus is famous for being in the Jurassic Park film franchise.

Mosasaurids were the apex predators of the ancient seas often in competition with sharks and pliosaurs. Predator X or Pliosaurus is still smaller than the largest Mosasaur and is similar in size and comparison to the Tylosaurus. So, have fun watching this video on Mosasaur family species comparison, of 20 species and related genera. TATA! Have fun!

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