Erdogan regime arrests hundreds of Turkish workers

This trade union video says about itself, translated from Turkish:

The rebellion at the airport is growing. The confrontation started after 17 workers were injured.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Hundreds of workers arrested in protest at new Istanbul airport

A Turkish trade union says that hundreds of construction workers were arrested at a demonstration at an airport under construction in Istanbul. Thousands of workers demonstrated for better working conditions. They say they get bad food, the work is not safe and they do not receive their salary on time.

The construction workers are working on a new airport near Istanbul, which has to be put into use at the end of October. The reason for today’s protest was an accident with a bus, where seventeen workers were injured yesterday.

The Turkish riot police used tear gas to disperse the protesters. The union that organized the demonstration placed this video of the protest on Twitter [see top of this blog post].

The trade union reports that the working conditions on the construction site are becoming “increasingly inhumane”. Since the start of work in 2015, at least 27 workers have been killed at the airport under construction due to accidents or health problems.

A member of the Turkish opposition who visited the building site after the protest says to the Reuters news agency that the containers in which the workers live look like a prison camp.

Inflation economy

The airport where the disgruntled workers work is the third one in Istanbul and has to become the largest airport in the world. It is one of the many infrastructure projects that have been started up in Turkey in recent years to boost the economy.

A lot has been invested in buildings, bridges, ports and railways in the country. President Erdogan announced on Friday that some of these projects are being frozen to stop massive inflation.

STRIKE action is continuing at a major Istanbul airport project despite the arrest of more than 500 construction workers by Turkish armed security forces yesterday. The arrests were made when armed gendarmes stormed dormitories on the mega-construction site. They kicked down doors and detained union representatives and workers who were on a list given to them by bosses yesterday morning. But about 2,000 construction workers remained defiant, continuing their action at the airport construction site over poor working conditions: here.

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