Hurricane Florence threatens USA, Trump reacts

Hurricane Florence and Trump, cartoon

This cartoon, by Argus in Dutch daily Metro today, is about Hurricane Florence now threatening the USA, and President Donald Trump’s reaction to it.

CNN HOST SLAMS TRUMP JR. ON FLOODING Anderson Cooper tore into Donald Trump Jr. after the president’s son claimed the CNN anchor was faking the depths of North Carolina floodwaters to make his father look bad. “I didn’t see him down in North Carolina in the last few days helping out, lending a hand, but I’m sure he was busy doing something important besides just tweeting lies,” Cooper said. [HuffPost]

Here’s how climate change is fueling Hurricane Florence: here.

Hurricane Florence kills five in North Carolina, leaves nearly one million without power: here.

15 DEAD FROM FLORENCE Volunteer rescuers are going door to door in search of residents who refused to flee the rapidly rising waters in Lumberton, North Carolina. The death toll rose to at least 15 from Florence, which crashed into the state as a hurricane Friday, bringing record rainfall. The heavy rains caused a slope to collapse at a coal-ash landfill at a closed power station near the coast. [HuffPost]

Thirty-one dead as Hurricane Florence continues to ravage the Carolinas: here.

FLORENCE IS THE TRAIN WRECK FORECASTER WARNED ABOUT Days after landfall, the remnant of Florence continues to pummel flood-scarred communities in North Carolina. This is the slow-motion train wreck forecasters warned about. [HuffPost]

Tropical Storm Florence inundates toxic manure ponds, coal ash dumps in the Carolinas: here.

TYPHOON BATTERS HONG KONG The world’s most powerful storm this year battered Hong Kong, collapsing bamboo scaffolding, tearing the corner off a building and slamming the waterfront with nearly 13-foot surges. Typhoon Mangkhut’s winds reached roughly 106 mph as the storm barreled westward into China’s Guangdong Province. [HuffPost]

Typhoon Mangkhut kills dozens in the Philippines, leaves trail of destruction in China and Hong Kong: here.

11 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence threatens USA, Trump reacts

  1. Lol! Yep. This is pretty much Trump. I can’t believe he’s still in office. Embarrassment among many things. When he talked about the hurrican the other day, he warned it would be ‘tremendously wet’. Idiot.


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