Trump regrets criticizing violent neo-nazis

This video from the USA says about itself:

Today News – Trump said that condemning Charlottesville neo-Nazis was the biggest f*cking mistake I’ve made

4 September 2018

From Jewish daily The Forward in the USA:

Trump’s ‘Biggest’ Regret? Calling Out Charlottesville White Supremacists.

By Aisha Tahir

September 4 2018

A new book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward claimed that President Trump deeply regretted criticizing the white supremacists who marched last year in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Post reported Tuesday.

Trump’s first public statement after the march and ensuing violence put blame on “both sides”, but after being urged by advisors, he specifically condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis. According to Woodward’s account, he almost immediately regretted doing so.

Trump told aides: “That was the biggest f—-ing mistake I’ve made” and the “worst speech I’ve ever given.”

President Trump’s former chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn, met Trump soon after to deliver his resignation letter, but the President told him resigning was “treason”, and persuaded him to stay on.

This shocking supercut shows Trump advocating violence again and again and again.

The publisher of the most prominent neo-Nazi website in America, who is being sued for urging followers to target a Jewish woman with a “troll storm,” is arguing in federal court that the case should be dismissed because President Trump’s use of similar language was recently found to be legally acceptable, the Montana newspaper the Missoulian reported Thursday: here.

Two Republican members of Congress who have previously been condemned for associating with a Holocaust denier were present with him again at one of their fundraisers in July, Mother Jones magazine reported Thursday.Read more here.

(JTA) — The Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco accepted an ad from the Institute for Historical Review, a known Holocaust-denying group: here.

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