Dutch ING bank helps Uzbek dictatorship’s money laundering

Islam Karimov and Hillary ClintonThis blog has paid attention before to Islam Karimov. This dictator of Uzbekistan, who died in September 2016, used to boil oppositionists alive. Nevertheless, when she was United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton considered Karimov her “friend”.

This blog has also paid attention to the Dutch ING bank. Especially when the ING Bank raised CEO Ralph Hamers‘ salary by more than half this year to over 3 million euros. While rank and file ING workers received a a 1.7 percent increase; not enough to keep up with inflation.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, about just one of many ING money laundering cases:

ING got a mega fine of 775 million euros, it was announced this morning. The bank received the fine because no action was taken, while customers laundered hundreds of millions of money. The Public Prosecution Service has been investigating that money laundering since February 2016. …

The telecom company and the Uzbek presidential daughter

The Russian telecom provider Vimpelcom paid a total of 55 million dollars in 2007 and 2011 from an ING account to Takilant, a letterbox company in Gibraltar.

The money eventually ended up with Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the then president of Uzbekistan. It was a bribe, with which Vimpelcom bought access to the Uzbek telecom market.

ING’s transaction monitoring system did not issue any money laundering warnings about the 2007 and 2011 transactions. In 2012, ING received signals that Takilant was related to Karimova and was being used for money laundering and corruption practices. Only in April 2015 ING reported the transactions to the authorities. And that was only after a journalist has asked the bank questions.

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