Ankylosaur dinosaur species, video

This 2013 video is called Ankylosaurs – Armored Dragons.

A 3 September 2018 video used to say about itself:

Ankylosaurus family species comparison

Welcome to the seventh round of the new dinosaur comparison videos.

In this comparison video, we shall compare the different ankylosaur family species or also known as ankylosaurids. These dinosaurs have armored spikes and plates and are among the largest and most armored terrestrial land herbivore dinosaurs to have existed in the world.

Ankylosaurus is one of the largest terrestrial herbivores to have ever existed while Euoplocephalus is also on the top ten list along with others like Sauropelta, Nodosaurus etc.

There are 13 ankylosaurids that have been confirmed from fossils and these ankylosaur species differ in size and comparison so much that the smallest of them weighs less than one tonne and the largest weighs more than 8 tonnes.

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