Teenage girls save people from burning house

Romy, Sammy and fire engine, photo Omroep West

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Romy (15) and Sammy (16) save sleeping people from burning home

Romy (15) and Sammy (16) were rewarded

with flowers and other presents

last night at the fire station of Koudekerk aan den Rijn by Mayor Liesbeth Spies for their energetic action on Sunday night during a fire.

When the two went home at night, they saw smoke coming from a house. “We stopped right away and called the neighbour who was still awake, after which we saved the people who were still sleeping out of the house.”

Escaped through a ladder

The fire quickly spread everywhere. “Because the house was already full of smoke, the residents could not go outside through the front door or back door, so we took them out through the windows with a ladder.”

Sammy’s mother [Miranda] heard fire trucks driving past. “I phoned where she was and fortunately she answered quickly. She said she was at a fire and was inside a police car. I was shocked, fortunately she quickly told me everything was okay.”

She is really proud of the two girls, she says to Omroep West regional broadcaster.

Meanwhile, British Conservative politician Lord Tebbit wants to ban women from becoming firefighters. And according to French extreme right politician Marine Le Pen, the ‘illegal’ refugee Mamoudou Gassama from warn-torn Mali who saved a little toddler’s life in Paris should never have been in France at all.

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