‘Stop Dutch government’s corporate welfare’

This Australian Broadcasting Corporation video says about itself:

International tax avoidance: the double Irish Dutch sandwich

4 September 2016

How do Apple and Google avoid paying billions in tax? Here’s a brief explainer (using sandwiches).

Read more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 7 June 2018:

The Dutch House of Representatives wants clarification from the government about an article by Internet site Follow the Money about the dividend tax. According to the journalistic platform, the investigation that formed the basis for abolishing the dividend tax was paid by Shell.

Prime Minister Rutte spoke in April in the House about a ‘party document’ of [his] VVD [political party], in which the abolition was advocated.

Neither the VVD nor the three other parties in the new Dutch government nor any other party mentioned abolishing the dividend tax in the 2017 election campaign. Still, the new government decided it. It costs the government billions of euros now going to Big Business.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Prominent D66 party member Terlouw: Pushing through the dividend tax abolition plan is a danger to democracy

D66 is the most left-wing of the four parties in the right-wing coalition government, with its one vote majority in parliament. Well: left-wing … more liberal on, eg, LGBTQ issues, but usually pro-Big Business.

Prominent D66 member Jan Terlouw hopes that the Senate will stop the abolition of dividend tax, now that it is clear how much resistance the measure causes. “If power is based on capital, then democracy is essentially at risk“, he says in a BNR radio podcast.

The former party leader and deputy prime minister says that a very large majority of the Dutch want to keep the tax on profit distribution to shareholders. And according to him, the plan is only going to get a majority in the House of Representatives because D66 and the Christian Union signed their signatures under the government coalition agreement. He points out that the leaders of those two government parties have repeatedly stated that they do not really like it.


Terlouw does not agree that the measure will continue. “What does that still have to do with democracy?” he asks.

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