American screech-owls inspire children’s book

The Owl in the Yard. Book cover courtesy of June Kasperski Wild

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA, 23 August 2018:

We Sparked a Kid’s Book

We were delighted to learn that the Right Bird, Right House tool on our website helped to inspire a new children’s book! June Kasperski Wild reached out to tell us that she and her family were researching nest boxes when they found our website. After downloading our free owl box plan, what followed was an adventure in learning about their backyard Eastern Screech-Owls‘ nesting habits. Ms. Wild was inspired to write a long poem, which forms the foundation of the new book The Owl in the Yard.

A freelance writer, June credits NestWatch as the spark that set her creativity in motion:

“Many thanks to NestWatch for the inspiration. Researching and building the birdhouse and then viewing the owl family wouldn’t have been possible without your help! This was an amazing time for our family. One that we will never forget!”

We’re so happy that our free resources brought such joyful memories to the Wild family.

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