Pliosaur plesiosaur species, video

This 2011 video from England says about itself:

What were Pliosaurs?


The giant jaws of a huge marine reptile is on permanent display at the Dorset County Museum from 8 July — unveiled by Sir David Attenborough.

Dating back around 155 million years, the pliosaur skull was discovered on the nearby Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, and is one of the largest and best preserved fossils of its kind ever found.

Belonging to a creature up to 18m in length, the skull is a staggering 2.4 m long and is believed to have possessed the biggest bite of all time -powerful enough to break a small car in half.

A 22 August 2018 video used to say about itself:

In this comparison video, we shall compare the different pliosaur (predator x) family species, also known as pliosaurids.

These dinosaurs

Pliosaurs, though contemporaries of dinosaurs, are NOT dinosaurs. They belong to a different reptile branch, the plesiosaur order.

have strong jaws and are among the largest marine predators to have existed in the world.

Pliosaurus (Predator X) is one of the largest sea predators to have ever existed while Kronosaurus is also on the top ten list along with others like the Megacephalosaurus, the Liopleurodon, the Brachauchenius etc.

… these pliosaurus species differ in size and comparison so much that the smallest of them weighs less than one tonne and the largest weighs more than 15 tonnes.

… These pliosaurus species all have one thing in common, the noticeable strong and elongated skull. In this video of the pliosaurus family species comparison, we shall take a more detailed look at 10 pliosaurids, their size, where and when they existed.

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