Young Ice Age horse discovery in Siberia

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12 August 2018

A 40,000-year-old baby horse has been found almost perfectly preserved in Siberia.

The foal has been kept in such good condition by the region’s permafrost, it still has its hair, tail, mane and many of its internal organs. “There are no visible wounds on its body”, reports The Siberian Times.

The discovery was made in the Yakutia region – long-known for fossils of woolly mammoths – by a joint expedition of scientists and archaeologists from Russia and Japan.

It is estimated the animal was just three months old when it died – although it has no visible wounds to suggest why.

“The extra value of the unique find is that scientists also obtained samples of soil layers where it was preserved, which means they will be able to restore a picture of the foal’s environment.

The find recovered from a depth of about 30 meters, in a vast crater known as the Batagai depression, was located by scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk and Kindai University in Osaka, Japan.

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