Criminal turtle farm discovered in Mallorca, Spain

This August 2017 video is called Turtle in Dragonera island, Mallorca.

That is a wild sea turtle.

However, on the land of Mallorca island, not all was going well for turtles.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Biggest illegal turtle farm in Europe discovered on Mallorca

An illegal turtle farm has been dismantled on Mallorca. According to the European police organization Europol, it was probably the largest of its kind in Europe. A gang sold the animals for prizes up to 10,000 euros each.

On the farm, police found specimens of fourteen of the fifty most endangered turtle species. There were turtles from the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

In total, the Guardia Civil seized more than 1100 turtles and 750 eggs during Operation Coahuila. And there will be more, because two hundred of the female turtles are about to lay eggs.

The investigation into the gang began a year and a half ago after a cargo of turtles from the farm was intercepted at Mallorca airport. They became suspect because the cargo papers were not correct. The investigation showed that the animals were smuggled out of the country via a pet store for exotic animals in Barcelona.

Three people have been arrested: two on Mallorca and one in Barcelona. They are suspected of violating flora and fauna legislation, smuggling protected animal species and money laundering. Three others are being interrogated.

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