Swedish birds down warplane

This tweet by a Swedish daily paper today is about the warplane crash about eight kilometer from Ronneby town today. Such a warplane costs many millions, according to the Expressen report.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Swedish warplane crashes after collision with flock of birds

In the south of Sweden a Gripen warplane of the armed forces has crashed. The pilot escaped with the ejection seat. He has been taken to the hospital and is well.

The plane flew quite low when it collided with a flock of big birds. Then the pilot got trouble with the airplane control. He did not manage to return to Ronneby airport and decided to use his ejection seat.

The plane crashed near the airport, causing a fire. Residents were advised to stay away from the area because the smoke emitted by the fire was poisonous.

Unfortunately, neither the Swedish nor the Dutch report say which species of ‘big birds’ collided with the plane. And whether any birds were injured or killed. It is good that the pilot is well. But I wish the same for the birds.

The air is the birds’ biotope. Planes, certainly warplanes, are intruders there.

Ronneby is well known from a Swedish story about big birds. In The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlöf, migrating geese arrive at Ronneby river to sleep. Smirre the red fox, their enemy, wants to attack them. But the geese are too close to the wild water for the fox to catch. Smirre then incites a pine marten and an otter to try to kill the geese. However, Nils Holgersson, a boy turned into an elf, the protagonist of the book, saves the lives of the geese.

One should hope there is still some Nils Holgersson in Sweden to protect the lives of geese and other birds from warplanes.

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