Trump’s ICE re-separates children just after reunification

This 20 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Horror at Texas Detention Center: ICE Guards Separate Fathers & Sons After They Had Just Been Reunited

In Texas, armed guards forcibly removed 16 fathers from the Karnes County detention center, where they were being held with their sons after the families were separated at the border and then reunited. Authorities appear to have reseparated the parents and sons as retaliation for organizing a nonviolent protest. Many of the imprisoned fathers said they had been tricked into signing deportation agreements in English that ICE told them were reunification papers. The families have now been reunited, and some have been released. For more, we speak with Casey Miller and Manoj Govindaiah with RAICES, a Texas-based legal aid group for immigrants.

Trump is still holding migrant children hostage: here.

21 thoughts on “Trump’s ICE re-separates children just after reunification

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