Good European bison news from the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

Kraansvlak Bison area: the dunes are full of life

22 March 2017

Nice movie summarizing an internship experience.

Author: Louise Prévot. Intern Bison project Kraansvlak 2016/2017.

I saw these Kraansvlak European bison.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The European bison (wisent) is feeling more at home in the Netherlands. In the four nature reserves where the animal now lives, the animals can easily maintain themselves.

Research by Utrecht University shows that the wisent does need time to get used to the presence of walkers, riders and cyclists. “They have to find their place, they need a year to get used to the public. Like we have to get used to a new home, they also have to get used to their new environment”, says herd weaden Arjen Boerman. …

After the Second World War only a few dozen wisents survived, all in zoos. But now the wisent makes a comeback, in the east of Europe, but since 2007 also in the Netherlands. The first wisents were then freed in the Kraansvlak, in the dunes near Zandvoort; in 2016 the nature parks Lelystad and Maashorst (in Brabant) followed.

A number of wisents have also been freed in the Veluwe region. In total more than seventy wisents now live in the Netherlands.


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