Saudi war on Canadian maple syrup

This 16 August 2018 video from Canada says about itself:

Canadians from across the country offered to buy Anna Hutchinson’s 900 litres of maple syrup after the government of Saudi Arabia rejected her shipment amid the diplomatic dispute between the Canadian and Saudi government[s].

Read more here.

This 10 August 2018 video from Canada says about itself:

Canada appears to stand alone in its ongoing feud with Saudi Arabia. Former White House Global Engagement Director Brett Bruen speaks to Power & Politics host Vassy Kapelos about the dispute.

Read more here.

The Canadian government would have had a lot more support in their present conflict with the Saudi absolute monarchy from people in both NATO and non-NATO countries (though not from NATO governments) if they would not have helped for years to sell just maple syrup, but also lethal weapons for the Saudi autocracy to kill civilians in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia executed and then crucified a man in the city of Mecca on Wednesday: here.

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