Young spoonbills and butterflies

This 23 April 2014 video is about the Polders Poelgeest nature reserve.

On 12 August 2018, to the Polders Poelgeest nature reserve.

Near the entrance, three gadwall ducks swimming.

In both the northern and southern lakes there are spoonbills. Both adults and juveniles, preparing to travel all the way to Africa.

Northern lapwings. Great cormorants on a small island.

Barn swallows flying overhead. A grey heron.

A female tufted duck with three ducklings in the northern lake.

Teal at their usual northern lake spot, not far from the railway.

Shoveler ducks.

In the new, far northern, part of the reserve: a barnacle goose and Canada geese.

Then, a special animal: a comma butterfly on a fence.

This is a comma butterfly video from England.

Finally, a smaller relative: a small heath butterfly.

This is a June 2016 small heath video from England.

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