Canadian-Saudi conflict escalating

This video says about itself:

Detailing Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia

19 March 2018

Details have previously been published on Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia, however CBC News has obtained documents that reveal the scope of the $15 billion deal that was signed back in 2014. Global Affairs Canada is not commenting on the documents.

The Saudi absolute monarchy uses these weapons from Canada and other NATO countries in its genocidal war on the people of Yemen.

The video is about five months ago.

However, now the relationship between the governments of Saudi Arabia and Canada has become less cordial.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Saudi airline Saudi Airlines no longer flies to Toronto. All flights to the Canadian city have been canceled. Saudi Airlines is the largest airline in Saudi Arabia and has been operating direct flights to Canada since 2013. It is a new step in the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Canada that arose recently.

Canada’s foreign minister Chrystia Freeland appealed to Saudi Arabia last week to release arrested civil rights activists. …

As a counter-reaction, Saudi Arabia yesterday expelled the Canadian ambassador from the country and recalled its own ambassador to Canada. All new trade and investment transactions with Canada have also been discontinued. Furthermore, the country wants to bring back thousands of students who are studying in Canada.

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