United States nuclear weapons out, Europeans say

This video says about itself:

On the 3rd of April 2010, European action day to ban the bomb, 200 people protested against the nuclear weapons at the military base in Volkel, the Netherlands. With shopping trolleys they came to dismantle the base. Dutch spoken with English subtitles.

Translated from the Dutch peace movement site vredessite.nl today:

United States nuclear weapons

New international research shows that more than two-thirds of the Dutch, Belgian, German and Italian population expect a completely different nuclear weapons policy from their governments. The USA has stored nuclear weapons in all four countries.

The figures below clearly show that the Dutch want a completely different nuclear weapons policy:

– 56% of the Dutch want US nuclear weapons out of Volkel [military base] in Brabant, compared to 25% who want them to stay.
– 66% want the Dutch government to sign the new United Nations ban on nuclear weapons treaty, compared with 16% who do not want this.
– 71% do not like it when Dutch banks, pension funds and insurers invest in the nuclear weapons industry. 15% think this is not a problem.

More about this research is here.

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