Stolen shark ‘Miss Helen’ found again

This video from Texas in the USA says about itself:

Stealing Nemo! – Suspect arrested for SHARK THEFT in San Antonio

31 July 2018

Mandatory Credit: San Antonio Aquarium

One suspect was arrested for shark theft from the San Antonio Aquarium on Monday, after CCTV footage from the robbery was published on social media on July 28, the same day the 16-inch (40-centimetre) shark called ‘Miss Helen’ was stolen.

As seen on the CCTV footage, a man pulls out Miss Helen by her tail, before wrapping her in a blanket, putting her in a child’s stroller, and driving away with what seems like his accomplice in a pick up truck.

Miss Helen was retrieved on Monday, after police stormed the house of a man in the vicinity of the San Antonio Aquarium, who reportedly “maintains an extensive collection of marine life.”

Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio reportedly said that the suspect’s house “looked like almost a mock-up of the San Antonio Aquarium.”

The two perpetrators have confessed.

Miss Helen is a grey horn shark.

2 thoughts on “Stolen shark ‘Miss Helen’ found again

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