French Macron’s anti-May Day demonstrators violence scandal gets worse

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

New complaints about violence by Macron’s bodyguard Benalla

The bodyguard

French President Macron´s Deputy Chief of Staff, not just any bodyguard

of French President Macron, Alexandre Benalla, played at being a policeman on 1 May in Paris before what became known earlier. La République en Marche

Macron’s political party

employee Vincent Crase was also guilty of that, writes the French newspaper Libération.

A video showing how Benalla was beating a demonstrator lying on the ground to a pulp on May Day led to a public scandal. Now it turns out that about three hours before this happened, there was already a different confrontation with demonstrators, writes the newspaper.

Two protesters, a young man and woman, say they were stopped earlier in the Paris Jardin des Plantes by Benalla and Crase, who wore police bracelets.

While not being policemen.

This is said to have happened after Benalla and Crase found out that the woman was filming.

Intentional violence

The protesters have filed complaints for, inter alia, violation of freedom, “intentional violence by persons with public authority” and unlawful use of “signs reserved for the public authority”. The complaints also concern Philippe Mizerski, who was responsible for the two.

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