Edible plums destroyed, as supermarket bosses consider them ‘too small’?

This 2016 video says about itself:

7 Health Benefits Of Prune Juice That You Should Know

Prunes contain fibre, sorbitol and sugar; that’s why they make you feel energetic. Prunes are basically dried plums. And yes, they are very healthy. They offer relief from constipation. Prune juice is nothing but an extract of prunes.

And now, after Amazon destroying good products; Burberry and other fashion corporations destroying good clothes for profit; and about half of all food being wasted; now this.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Plums three millimeters too small: 60,000 kilos may be lost

A plum farmer in Wemeldinge may be stuck this year with more than 60,000 kilos of plums. Due to the drought, the fruit is three millimeters too small to sell it to the supermarket.

According to the grower, many supermarkets want plums to be at least 38 millimeters, but his are 35. His plums have not grown because he could not irrigate his land. He can not use groundwater because the water is too salty. The grower is near the Oosterschelde estuary. …

“I think many of our farmers are having trouble with their corporate middlemen.” …


Maybe the Zeeland grower may get rid of his plums differently. A Facebook action to sell the fruit otherwise got more than 800 responses over the past few days. Some people think it is nonsense that supermarkets think it is so important that the plums have a certain size.

The name of this farmer is Kees Hamelink, according to regional broadcaster Omroep Zeeland today. Mr Hamelink’s sister started the succesful Facebook campaign to circumvent the supermarkets:

“This is heart-warming and overwhelming.” …

Since then it has been raining applications but also outrageous reactions to supermarkets. “What a shame, they are delicious. Big or small, their taste is the most important. The arrogance of the supermarkets”, replies Mylene Groen. Esther de Groot calls it “nonsense” that supermarkets do not want the plums: “Better something smaller than nothing, isn’t it?” …

Food bank

Some supermarkets, according to Hamelink’s sister, are now after all willing to take plums from the grower.

Because of the whirlwind of bad public relations.

Tomorrow she will drive the first 500 kilos to Apeldoorn. Bringing the plums to the food bank was not an option according to the grower. “It’s about sixty thousand kilos of plums, which will remain fresh only for a short while.”

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