Trump blimp, its Moluccan Dutch roots

This music video says about itself:

Baby Trump Blimp Song

13 July 2018

The Baby Trump Blimp flies over London today protesting the American president’s racism, xenophobia, and climate change denial. Fly Fly Baby Trump Blimp!

Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad of 18 July 2018 reports about the Trump blimp.

They interviewed Ms Nona Hurkmans. She is of Moluccan Dutch ancestry (Nona is a Moluccan name). She is the spokeswoman of the Trump blimp campaign.

She says (translated):

“We have already made contact with Australia to fly the baby blimp there in November when Trump will come.” …

“We sincerely believe that Donald Trump and the rightward movement of politics are very dangerous.”

The successful Trump Baby project, conceived in March, has a downside. “We get threats, are treated in a racist way“, says Hurkmans, who for that reason can not be found with a personal account on social media. Opponents go very far, she notes. “We have received requests to bring the balloon to the USA. Only, then they will have to take into account that it may be shot from the air. That is serious, not a joke.”

Hurkmans nevertheless looks back with satisfaction on an extremely hectic week. “Our goal was to make people who suffer from Trump’s hostile policy, think of immigrants and refugees, notice that they are not alone and do not have to give up hope. That worked.”

Protesters in San Francisco are sailing a “Trump Chicken” balloon around Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

Amid silence from Democrats on attacks on immigrants. Trump moves to restrict asylum: here.

Claiming that the war on poverty has been won, Trump administration works to gut social programs: here.

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