15 thoughts on “British Conservative minister resigns in another sexual harassment scandal

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  4. Monday, July 23, 2018

    Unite to join rally in Burton over ‘sex-text’ MP

    DISGRACED “sex text” Tory MP Andrew Griffiths will face a huge protest in his Burton constituency on Saturday as a growing number of voters call on him to quit as MP.

    The former banker was exposed by the Mirror to have paid two barmaids who had worked in his constituency for raunchy images, bombarding them both with around 2,000 “depraved” social media messages.

    One of the women, Imogen Treharne, has made a formal complaint to the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct disciplinary body, which will investigate his behaviour. He has already resigned as minister for small business.

    The Unite union has joined the chorus of voices calling on him to go, saying that he “lacks credibility” to represent the constituency.

    Unite regional officer Rick Coyle, who will be speaking at the rally, said: “The people of Burton deserve an MP with credibility.

    “… He has become a figure of derision and scorn – and he can no longer effectively represent the constituency he was elected to serve.”

    The rally outside Burton town hall will take place from noon on Saturday July 28.



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