Belgian Muslim girl searched cat, found Islamophobic torturers

This 4 July 2018 video in French from Belgium is about the insulting and mutilation of a young Muslim girl in Anderlues, Belgium by two racists.

Translated from the French of Belgian site Sudinfo today:

Racist and violent attack in Anderlues: the attackers wore Red Devils masks

Red Devils is the nickname of the Belgian national football team, now playing in the World Cup matches in Russia. That these Islamophobic criminals claimed to support the Red Devils is so ironic, if one knows that many of the national team players are from immigrant, including Muslim immigrant, backgrounds.

Monday evening, after the victory of the Belgians against the Japanese soccer team, a racist attack of extreme violence took place in the Rue de la Victoire alley, in Anderlues. An 18-year-old girl who had gone out to find her cat was caught by two “supporters” who scarred her body.

It was nearly 11 pm when the Muslim girl came out of her house, looking for the cat she was looking after for a friend. Having thought to see the cat, she moves a little away when she sees two “young men”. They head for her determinedly as she tries to flee, to go home, where she feels safe. But they catch her and throw her to the ground, calling her “dirty Arab”. They tear off her headscarf and tear away her clothes, stripping her bosom. But the ordeal of the young victim is not over …

Since then, the girl does not dare to go out of her house, does not dare to say a word anymore. She is caulked in her room and only talks to very few people. According to her, her two attackers were fans of the Red Devils: one of them wore a cardboard mask representing one of the players, the other one had a Belgian flag wrapped around his head, revealing only his eyes. She could not see their faces. Khadija, a friend of the family, tells us about the ordeal of the girl she described as “sweet, kind and naive”.

The two perpetrators, who are still wanted by the police, committed a serious act, a black spot on the beautiful evening that was announced after the miraculous victory of the Red Devils and Laurent Raspe, the head of the Anderlues-Binche police zone, intends to find them.

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