Dutch banks help palm oil destruction

This 2017 Dutch Friends of Earth film is about a monkey in a rain forest; and how a palm oil corporation destroys its life.

Translated from Dutch daily Trouw, 2 July 2018:

Dutch banks finance abuses in the palm oil sector

ABN Amro, Rabobank and ING are structurally involved in land grabbing, illegal deforestation and forced labour in the palm oil sector, reports Dutch Friends of the Earth.

Over the past eight years, the banks have been linked to 118 cases of wrongdoing on palm oil plantations of fourteen producers. With their money, tropical rainforest is cut down and land is stolen from local communities. That is in a black book that the environmental organization is publishing today.

With the report ‘Draw the Line’, about the role of Dutch banks in this risk sector, Friends of the Earth wants to show that the banks can not dismiss the abuses as incidents.

The Draw the Line report in English: here.

This 29 June 2018 Dutch Friends of the Earth video is about how Dutch banks invest savings of Dutch people in destructive palm oil business.

These abuses are in Liberia, Sumatra in Indonesia and elsewhere.

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