Banksy murals against Frech xenophobia, ‘burqa’ ban

This video says about itself:

Banksy Splashes Paris with Works on Migrants

The provocative street artist Banksy is believed to have taken his message on migration to Paris. Seven works attributed to the graffiti artist have been discovered in recent days, including one near a former center for migrants. (June 25 2018)

From the South China Morning Post:

Banksy targets France’s crackdown on migrants with Paris mural blitz

Monday, 25 June, 2018, 3:10am

The mysterious British street artist Banksy appears to have taken aim at the French government’s crackdown on migrants in a series of new murals in Paris.

The world’s best known graffiti painter apparently “blitzed” the French capital over the last few days, leaving as many as six works on walls across the city.

None of the works were signed – as has been Banksy’s wont in recent years – but experts said that they look genuine.

The most political takes issue with France’s tough anti-migrant policy, with nearly 40 makeshift camps razed in Paris in the last three years and President Emmanuel Macron determined that the city does not become a magnet for refugees.

In the mural a young black girl sprays a pink wallpaper pattern over a swastika on a wall next to her sleeping bag and teddy bear in an attempt to make her patch of pavement more cosy.

The image is on a wall in northern Paris next to an official refugee shelter which was controversially closed in March despite protests from the city’s Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Since then around 2,000 migrants, including children and teenagers, have been sleeping rough along canals and under motorway bridges.

Migrants were still sleeping next to the mural on Sunday.

Experts said the image echoes the artist’s 2009 painting “Go Flock Yourself”.

Banksy, Go flock yourself

Banksy, a long-time supporter of the refugee cause, has not yet confirmed the works are his.

… He sprayed another, his take on Gericault’s “The Raft of the Medusa”, on the wall of a house in the northern French port [Calais]– a reference to the shipwrecked hopes of migrants trying to cross the English Channel.

Art historian and street art expert Paul Ardenne said that the Paris murals were very much in Banksy’s style.

“The colour, the line, the subject and the way he has adapted the images from photos … all point to them being Banksy’s style. There is a very particular signature. If (the mural of the girl) is not by Banksy, it is a very good copy”, he said.

Another of the new works appears to touch on the equally sensitive subject of the ban on the niqab in France. It shows Napoleon rearing his horse as he crosses the Alps to invade Italy in 1800, his face and body wrapped in his red cloak.

The pastiche of David’s canvass, one of the most iconic in French 19th-century art, appeared on a wall in a ethnically-mixed district of northern Paris.

Others, however, have seen it as a metaphor for a lack of political leadership, the general blinded by his own hubris.

I very strongly dislike to see white men in three-piece suits. A three-piece suit to me symbolises conformism with a capitalist system which exploits the majority of people, destroys the environment, and causes bloody wars.

However, should the consequence of that be that police jails or fines men in three-piece suits? NO!

Similar so for the ‘burqa’; which by the way, like the niqab, is not a burqa at all.

The U.N. Human Rights Committee declared France’s ban on full-face Islamic veils, such as the niqab and burqa, a violation of Muslim women’s rights.

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