Donald Trump’s theocratic USA

This video says about itself:

Caliph Donald Trump and the Rise of the Christian Taliban

20 June 2018

Mehdi Hasan is here to warn you about a growing threat to the laws and values of the United States from a group of religious extremists and fanatics.

No, he’s not talking about so-called jihadists or Islamists, or to “creeping Sharia”. Mehdi is referring to what he like to call the “Christian Taliban” — those Bible-thumping fundamentalists who are bent on theocratizing the U.S. government.

There’s the attorney general of the United States, Mullah Jeff Sessions, who wants Sharia law, but of the biblical variety. And there’s Mullah Ted Cruz, who calls himself a Christian first and an American second.

As in the Middle East, to really politicize religion, you need a bunch of politicized clerics. Caliph Donald Trump can call on some of America’s finest to make the case for Christian supremacism.

Mullah Robert Jeffress said God gave Trump the authority to “take out” Kim Jong-un. Mullah Jim Bakker says we have to “obey” Trump because God “had him elected”.

If that isn’t the language of theocracy, of zealotry, then what is?

Trump rally

Deporting refugees in the name of Jesus: here.

BACHMANN: GOD WORKING THROUGH TRUMP Michele Bachmann thinks she knows why everything Trump touches has “turned to gold” — because God is working through the thrice-married accused sexual predator. [HuffPost]

In God We Trust‘ now must be displayed in all Florida schools, school buildings: here.

TRUMP WARNS OF VIOLENCE IF GOP LOSES MIDTERMS Trump pleaded with evangelical leaders to promote him from the pulpit, warning of violence if Republicans lose in November elections. [HuffPost]

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