Tibetan snowcock, vultures, eagles, prayer flags in China

Tibetan snowcock, 8 April 2018

After what we saw earlier that day, still 8 April 2018 in the mountains above Wolong in Sichuan, China. We saw a Tibetan snowcock. First flying, then it landed, as the photo shows.

Tibetan snowcock on snow, 8 April 2018

The snowcock walked towards a snowy patch.

Prayer flags, 8 April 2018

We saw some of many Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags of Balang mountain (Balangla in Tibetan).

A bit further, two golden eagles flying.

Bearded vulture, 8 April 2018

Then, a bearded vulture flying with a bone in its bill. It dropped the bone on a slope to crush it and to be able to eat the marrow. Probably it was a young vulture which still had to learn, as the bone fell on a patch where plants grew, not on hard rock which is better at breaking dropped bones.

Prayer flags and snow, 8 April 2018

We arrived at a mountain pass where we could again see many prayer flags and much snow.

Snow and valleys, 8 April 2018

There was a beautiful view of mountains and valleys.

Himalayan vulture, 8 April 2018

A Himalayan vulture flew overhead.

Himalayan vulture, on 8 April 2018

Prayer flags, on 8 April 2018

Time to say goodbye to the prayer flags and to the snow.

Prayer flags and snow, on 8 April 2018

8 April 2018 was our last day of seeing birds in China. In the late afternoon and evening we went back to Chengdu. On 9 April from Chengdu airport our plane took us out of China.

So, no more blog posts on the birds of this April 2018 in China. But there will be many more wildlife blog posts on this blog!

7 thoughts on “Tibetan snowcock, vultures, eagles, prayer flags in China

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