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‘Tommy Robinson’s’ nazis’ violence against police, London bus

This video from Britain says about itself:

The descent of Man-osphere – Episode 51 – Arrest & imprisonment of Tommy Robinson special

6 June 2018

A criminal goes to jail for committing crimes and the shitlords lose their shit, which is kind of ironic really!

By Peter Lazenby in London, England:

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Fascists rampage through London demanding Tommy Robinson’s release

FASCISTS rampaged through central London yesterday demanding the release of far-right activist Tommy Robinson, who has been jailed for contempt of court.

‘Tommy Robinson‘ is NOT the real name of that racist. This former member of the neonazi BNP, sentenced for violent crime and later for fraud, is called Stephen Yaxley-Lennon … err … that sounds too Irish, as neonazis hate not only Muslims, Jews, Africans, etc. etc. but Irish people as well. So, he prefers calling himself the more Germanic “Tommy Robinson“.

The far-right mob attacked police, hurling metal barriers, traffic cones, bottles, beer cans and other missiles.

The attacks began in Whitehall and police were forced out of Trafalgar Square. Participants raised their arms in nazi salutes.

Five police officers were injured and five fascists arrested. A police investigation has been launched.

A counter-demonstration was supported by 400 anti-fascists who included members of unions RMT, UCU, CWU, Unison and the NEU.

Anti-fascist campaigners warned that the size of the march should ring alarm bells for all who oppose racism, fascism and Islamophobia in Britain.

Unite Against Fascism’s Michael Bradley said: “We are sounding the alarm to the trade union and labour movement. We need to build a mass movement to drive these people back.

“Left unopposed, their protests will grow and racism and violence will grow with them.

“They are using the same kind of rhetoric against Muslims as was used by the far-right in the 1930s against the Jews. We have to learn the lessons of history.”

Speakers at the far-right rally which followed the march incited hatred against Muslims.

Defeated Ukip leadership candidate Anne Marie Waters, who heads the For Britain group, told the crowd that they must do away with the “iron grip of Islam,” and said that “the state and Islam are supreme in the UK.”

The rally had international support. Notorious Dutch racist Geert Wilders was among the speakers, and a message of support for Mr Robinson was read out from Donald Trump’s former aide Steve Bannon.

Mr Robinson was jailed in Leeds two weeks ago for using social media to comment on a case being heard in Leeds Crown Court. He was imprisoned for 13 months.

His jailing has become a cause celebre for far-right and fascist groups.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement yesterday: “During the protest there were scenes of violence which saw bottles, metal barriers and other objects thrown at officers.

“Five officers have reported injuries … .”

Police said arrests involved possession of an offensive weapon, two for assaults on police officers, one for possession of a flare, and one for criminal damage to a bus.

“The Met will now launch a post-investigation collating the CCTV in the area,” said police.

From the Evening Standard in London today:

A spokeswoman for said: “Our London sightseeing bus was on its normal route when it got caught up in the demonstrations.

“The bus was stormed by demonstrators and the driver and a small number of customers got off.

“The demonstrators have caused a significant amount of damage to the bus which meant it had to be towed away.

“We have reported this to the police and will help them with any investigations.”

Big Numbers and Violence at Free Tommy Robinson Demonstration: here.

Tommy Robinson supporters were pictured performing Nazi salutes at protests calling for the far-right criminal to be released from prison. A man was filmed repeatedly making the gesture while holding a banner reading “f*** Islam” in Whitehall, London, while another Robinson supporter was photographed doing a Nazi salute in Belfast: here.

From British daily The Guardian, 9 June 2018:

A controversial pro-Conservative Facebook group has been exposed as containing Islamophobic, homophobic and racist comments about public figures including Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott

Comments include demands to “expel the London mayor” and “send back” immigrants, while another post states that “Islam should be banned”. There are also homophobic remarks about Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, posted after she announced that she was pregnant.

A 42-page dossier of abusive material from the Conservative Debating Forum, a 2,700-strong Facebook group that can be joined by invitation or by permission of moderators, has been collected by the left-leaning Red Roar blog. It found that several sitting Tory MPs, as well as dozens of Tory councillors, were members of the closed group.

The growth of the far right is a danger to us all. The Free Tommy Robinson march at the weekend shows the need to counter racist myths peddled by the right, says SABBY DHALU.

FAR-RIGHT thugs launched an unprovoked attack on senior RMT [trade union] official Steve Hedley at the weekend after he and thousands of other anti-fascists had turned out in central London to oppose a “free Tommy Robinson” march. … Earlier in the day, fascists also blockaded a bus driven by a woman in a headscarf near Trafalgar Square.: here.

RMT Union leader Steve Hedley was attacked after taking part in a counter-protest to the Trump and Robinson rally on Saturday. The union leader was attacked after speaking at a counter-protest to a rally in support of Donald Trump and jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson: here.

The brutal assault on Steve Hedley, Assistant General Secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, by fascist thugs Saturday is an outrage. Hedley and his partner, Bridget, were among several people ambushed by supporters of jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson (AKA Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) and US President Donald Trump: here.

[British trade] UNIONS must do more to mobilise members against rising far-right demonstrations, an anti-racism conference heard at the weekend: here.

TRANSPORT union RMT general secretary Mick Cash will issue a rallying cry tomorrow to the whole trade union movement to mobilise against the far right: here.

Fish-amphibian transition fossils discovered in South Africa

This video from South Africa says about itself:

The Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences based at the University of the Witwatersrand today announced the discovery of two new Devonian tetrapod species and the first Devonian tetrapods discovered in Africa (8 June 2018). The species have been named Tutusius umlambo (named in honour of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu) and Umzantsia amazana and were discovered by Dr Rob Gess of the Albany Museum and supported by the Millenium Trust.

Thank you to Rhodes University journalism department for the video clip.

From the Times in South Africa:

Not so fishy: Africa’s first ever fish-with-legs discovered

07 June 2018 – 20:07

By Tanya Farber

An extraordinary find has been made near the university town of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.

Up until today‚ when a paper was published in Science‚ it was believed that Devonian tetrapods (fish that had developed four legs as the evolution from aquatic to land animals began) had only existed in the tropics.

But‚ in a groundbreaking study that shakes up our entire notion of the moment we adapted to move beyond the water‚ it has now been discovered that that is simply not true.

The newly discovered tetrapods – which would have resembled a cross between a crocodile and a fish‚ with a crocodile-like head‚ stubby legs‚ and a tail with a fish-like fin – were found in the Devonian Waterloo Farm near Grahamstown‚ and were living within the Antarctic circle some 360 million years ago.

The two new species are named Tutusius and Umzantsia. The metre-long Tutusius umlambo‚ named in honour of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu‚ and the somewhat smaller Umzantsia amazana‚ are both incomplete.

Tutusius is represented by a single bone from the shoulder girdle‚ whereas Umzantsia is known from a greater number of bones‚ but they both appear similar to previously known Devonian tetrapods.

This find represents two dramatic shifts. Firstly, it means the first appearance of tetrapods on African soil shifts to 70-million years earlier than thought‚ but it also means that one of the most fundamental understandings of our shift from the water to the land has to be reassessed.

The evolution of tetrapods from fish during the Devonian period was a major turning point in our ancestry‚ and all research on that turning point has up until now‚ hinged on the fact that this happened (or so we thought) between 30 degrees north and south of the equator. Almost all come from Laurussia‚ a supercontinent that later fragmented into North America‚ Greenland and Europe.

“Whereas all previously found Devonian tetrapods came from localities which were in tropical regions during the Devonian‚ these specimens lived within the Antarctic circle”, explains lead author‚ Dr Robert Gess of the Albany Museum in Grahamstown‚ and co-author Professor Per Ahlberg of Uppsala University in Sweden.

Minister of Science and Technology‚ Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane‚ congratulated Dr Gess‚ saying this groundbreaking discovery places South Africa at the forefront of the study of the evolution of land-living vertebrate animals‚ including the ancestry of all the wildlife we see in the country’s game parks.

The research was supported by the South African DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Palaeosciences‚ based at the University of the Witwatersrand and the Millennium Trust.

See also here.

Austrian right-wing government anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitic cartoon previously found on Heinz-Christian Strache's Facebook page.Facebook

From daily Haaretz in Israel today:

Anti-Semitic Cartoon Removed From Far-right Austrian Vice Chancellor’s Facebook Page

Heinz-Christian Strache, whose party has controversial Nazi roots, defended the image, which portrays ‘the bankers’ as a man with Star of David buttons, for years and as recently as last month

Ofer Aderet

June 10, 2018 5:38 PM

A anti-Semitic cartoon posted six years ago by Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache has been removed from his Facebook page. It could still be seen last month, and Strache defended it in a televised debate with a Jewish student leader in Vienna, but it has since disappeared.

It is not yet clear whether it was intentionally removed by Strache, whose spokesman has not yet responded to a query from Haaretz, or whether Facebook removed the post after complaints were lodged.

A reason for Strache to remove the 2012 cartoon himself, while still being in denial about its anti-Semitism, might be that the cartoon depicts the Austrian government (‘die Regierung’, in the middle of the cartoon, then consisting of Strache’s opponents) negatively. While Strache is now himself the government, and no longer attacking ‘the government’.

As for the cartoon attacking bankers: contrary to the cartoon, most Jews are not bankers, and most bankers are not Jewish. It is rather ‘rich’ of Strache to attack (supposedly Jewish) bankers; as (non-Jewish) bankers in reality, not in anti-Semitic imagination, have been involved in a scandal bankrolling Strache’s FPÖ party.

Strache reminds me of 1920s-1930s anti-Semitic conservative German media tycoon Hugenberg, who helped Hitler to become dictator. Hugenberg used to rail against the ‘Jewish press’, while owning himself most of the German press. Similarly, anti-Semitic media tycoon Rupert Murdoch recently railed against ‘the Jewish owned press’ while himself owning most media.

The cartoon, posted by Strache in August 2012, shows three figures labeled “the bankers”, “the government” and “the people.” The bankers are represented by an overweight, porcine man with a long nose, gobbling up a piece of chicken, contrasted with “the people,” represented by a sad-looking, thin man. Strache posted the cartoon in protest of the policy of the European Union, whose banks, he says, are impoverishing the ordinary Austrian citizen.

The man representing the banks, who has Stars of David on the buttons of his sleeve, recalls depictions of Jews in Nazi propaganda. The Jewish community in Vienna has denounced the cartoon over the years, saying that it recalls illustrations from the Nazi propaganda newspaper Der Sturmer.

Rise of a new far-right: The European ‘philosemites’ using Jews to battle Muslims

Analysis: Netanyahu’s speedy absolution for Austria’s neo-Nazis

Strache has so far refused to apologize for the cartoon, even during his 2017 election campaign, which resulted in his far-right Freedom Party entering the government and Strache’s appointment as vice-chancellor. In a televised debate last month between Strache and the president of Vienna’s student union, Benjamin Hess, the latter said to Strache: “The picture is still on your Facebook page. This picture is an anti-Semitic caricature. You never apologized for it. You never removed it from your Facebook page.”

Strache hit back, saying: “Not everything that people attribute to anti-Semitism, for political reasons because they don’t agree with us, is connected to anti-Semitism. The issue here is criticism of the structure of banks. There’s no anti-Semitism in the text or the picture. You can interpret it however you want, but it’s a mistaken interpretation.” Strache later added: “This is not anti-Semitic. There are no Stars of David on the cuffs as you describe. You need an imagination to claim this.”

The Jewish community in Austria says that even after the election, Strache’s party did not sufficiently distance itself from its Nazi and anti-Semitic past.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was expected during his visit to Israel on to try to persuade Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to change his attitude to Strache’s Freedom Party, which Israel has boycotted since last year. The Jewish community in Vienna, which has also boycotted the Freedom Party, believes that it is unlikely that Israel will change its position on the matter.

Seventeen members of the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IBÖ) were acquitted by the Graz District Court on all main charges in their case last Thursday. According to the court, the accused were not guilty of sedition, or the formation of or participation in a criminal association. Only two of the accused were convicted of minor charges. The ruling is yet to come into force. The court’s decision speaks volumes about the sharp rightward shift in Austria and throughout Europe. Seven months after the coalition government made up of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) took office in Vienna, racists and neo-Nazis can present themselves to a court as “concerned citizens” and walk free despite employing methods akin to the Nazi SA: here.

Mistle thrush male and female

This video from Britain says about itself:

Mistle Thrush: Male and Female

The mistle thrush is is a pale, black-spotted thrush – large, aggressive and powerful. It stands boldly upright and bounds across the ground. In flight, it has long wings and its tail has whitish edges. It is most likely to be noticed perched high at the top of a tree, singing its fluty song or giving its rattling call in flight.

Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in May 2018