Egyptian geese foster parents of grey lag goslings

This 6 June 2018 video shows an Egyptian geese couple with not just Egyptian goslings, but also (bigger, yellower) grey lag goslings. Probably, some grey lag goose eggs landed in the Egyptian geese nest, with a result somewhat like in Andersen’s fairy taleThe ugly duckling‘.

Rogier van der Weiden in the Netherlands made this video.

Trump’s anti-immigrant witch-hunt tears families apart

The Gestapo-style immigration raids in Ohio are an urgent warning to the working class.

“I saw officers with assault rifles, dogs and helicopters everywhere”. Mass immigration raids shatter Ohio communities: here.

‘THEY HAD TO USE PHYSICAL FORCE TO TAKE THE CHILD OUT OF HIS HANDS’ A migrant, who was reportedly separated from his wife and child at the U.S. border, has been found dead in a Texas jail in a suspected suicide. [HuffPost]

US Citizenship and Immigration Services unveils new initiative targeting naturalized citizens: here.

A MOTHER SAYS AUTHORITIES TOOK HER BABY AS SHE WAS BREASTFEEDING AT AN IMMIGRANT DETENTION CENTER Approximately 1,800 families have been torn apart since October 2016. [HuffPost]

Tens of millions of Americans are watching in shame and horror as the US government arrests hundreds of thousands of immigrants, separates them from their spouses, children and parents and deports or detains them in a network of internment camps where guards subject them to physical and sexual abuse: here.

Thousands took part in protest rallies across the US on Thursday and Friday as revelations continue to emerge of the Trump administration’s deliberate and cruel efforts to break up families in order to deter future immigration to the United States: here.

More suicide, opioid deaths in the USA

Suicide rates rose across the USA, 1999-2016

Mental health, substance abuse, life stresses and economic despair fuel crisis. US suicides increased by 25 percent from 1999 to 2016. By Kate Randall, 9 June 2018. The dramatic increase in suicides shows that, despite claims of the end of the Great Recession in mid-2009, increasing numbers of people are facing incredible personal and financial hardships: here.

Overdose deaths caused by the synthetic opioid Fentanyl in the Cincinnati area increased by one thousand percent over the course of the last five years, according to a new report in the Cincinnati Enquirer: here.

The opioid overdose crisis claimed the lives of more than 3,400 Missouri residents between 2012 and 2016. According to a recently released US Senate report, three separate pharmaceutical distributors flooded the state with opioids during this period and failed to report suspicious orders to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ Minority Report, released by Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, states that pharmaceutical companies McKesson, Amerisource Bergen and Cardinal Health together shipped 1.6 billion doses of opioids into Missouri between 2012 and 2017 at the height of the crisis: here.

A socialist response to the opioid crisis: here.

GIULIANI CONFLICT OVER PHARMA PROBE Senators are questioning a potential conflict of interest concerning Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and a federal probe into an opioid manufacturing pharmaceutical company. According to The New York Times, Giuliani’s firm had a $1 million contract with the Justice Department for advice on reorganizing its drug investigations at the same time he was representing Purdue Pharma against the DOJ. [HuffPost]

Florida is suing the nation’s two largest drugstore chains, Walgreens and CVS, alleging they worsened the state and national opioid crisis.

Opioid overdose deaths triple among US teens and young children: here.

U.S. life expectancy continues to fall as overdose and suicide rates soar.

Cassiopea jellyfish sunbathing video

This video says about itself:

Jellyfish Sunbathing Sessions | BBC Earth

27 May 2018

The Cassiopea isn’t just a normal jellyfish – they are solar powered, photosynthetic jellyfish, thanks to the symbiotic algae that live on them.

Tubular colonial jellies known as pyrosomes that arrived in 2014 along North America’s Pacific Northwest Coast appear to be adapting to cooler water and may become permanent residents: here.