15 thoughts on “Walt Disney corporation treats workers like shit

  1. On Monday night I went to Senator Bernie Sanders’ CEOs vs. Workers Townhall and listened to workers from Amazon, McDonald’s, Disney, Walmart and American Airlines sharing their stories.

    I was haunted by what I heard: Americans who work for the most wildly profitable corporations in the country are struggling to get by on poverty wages. Their stories kept me up all night.

    The workers we heard from are some of the hardest working, bravest, and most caring people you can imagine. People like:

    Artemis Bell, who has worked full time at Disneyland for 14 years and still only earns $11.86 an hour. Some of her “happiest place in the world” colleagues are living – and in one tragic case, dying – in their cars because they can’t afford housing.
    Cynthia Murray, a Walmart employee for more than 18 years, who is STILL not making a livable wage. She told us how this global giant of a company, owned by the richest family in America, puts out food donation boxes so their employees – many on Medicaid, in public housing and on food stamps – can donate to help each other eat.
    Seth King, a former Amazon worker, veteran, and father of two, who was working two jobs and still not earning enough to make ends meet. He asked himself, “if this is the best my life is going to get, why am I even still here?”
    Adriana Alverez, a McDonald’s employee and single mother of a six-year-old boy. She asked, “what’s a vacation?” This global behemoth of a company doesn’t give employees like Adriana any form of paid leave.
    Heather Hudson, a single mom of four, working with an American Airlines affiliate for only $14.50 an hour after more than a decade of full-time employment for the company. She qualifies for food stamps because she cannot survive on only the poverty wages handed down by this wildly profitable American company.

    What is happening to the workers of this country, at the hands of the richest—the most unimaginably, wildly wealthy—CEOs and companies in this country, is unconscionable.

    Which begs the question: How do these CEOs sleep at night?

    We cannot sit by while billionaire CEOs continue to dodge federal taxes while keeping their hardworking employees at or under the poverty line. Our Revolution groups across the country are volunteering to elect candidates who will prioritize American workers over CEO profits. Can you chip in $7 right now to help us hold these greedy CEOs accountable?

    These stories of suffering, fuelled by incredible corporate greed, are the stories of tens of millions of working Americans. And they’re written by America’s largest and most unbelievably profitable companies, who pay their CEOs levels of compensation that would lift the entire bottom half of our country out of poverty.

    Companies like Amazon, which paid no taxes last year and brags of their year-over-year profits without acknowledging that these incredible earnings are achieved off the backs of hard-working Americans like Seth. These companies purposely drive their workers to the brink of exhaustion and despair. It’s success off the back of suffering, and it needs to stop.

    Will you help us stand up to these greedy CEOs and hold them accountable to their employees? Help out by donating what you can now, to fund our efforts across the country electing and supporting progressive candidates who are ready to take on this fight.

    Heather, the employee with American Airlines, said something I find deeply disturbing. She said, “you will never understand how humiliating it is to be at the Social Security office, in line – with your coworkers.”

    A company like American Airlines that made $1.9 billion last year should not have its long-tenured, loyal workers lining up to be funded by our taxpayer dollars. It is dead wrong that your tax dollars go to supporting the workers of America’s most profoundly wealthy companies – companies who CAN and should pay their workers a living wage.

    It’s time they share the profits with their workers.

    Thank you for being part of the political revolution that is fighting to end corporate greed.

    In solidarity,

    Nina Turner
    Our Revolution


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