Kill Parkland massacre survivor, United States policeman says

In the USA, there are not just right-wingers who want to kill people for being gay. There are also right-wingers who want to kill people for surviving a school massacre and protesting against gun violence.

This video from the USA about Florida state says about it:

Cop Wants Parkland Survivor Killed

29 May 2018

A cop is facing a considerable amount of backlash after advocating that someone should run over a Parkland shooting survivor.

“Brian Valenti, the Coconut Creek K-9 officer who posted a snide comment on Facebook that triggered public outrage, is being suspended for five days and will be required to undergo sensitivity training, the department said Tuesday. Valenti told Police Chief Butch Arenal he regretted posting a comment saying he hoped Parkland activist David Hogg would get hit by a car during Friday’s protest at Publix.

The 23-year veteran told his supervisors it was meant as a joke, but he now realizes it was not funny. He told the chief he plans to apologize in person to Hogg and other organizers of the event. Hogg said Tuesday, “Cops are meant to protect and serve communities, not spread hate and violence among them.”

Policeman Valenti did not invent advocating the killing of demonstrators by running them over with cars.

It was practiced by a neonazi who murdered anti-racist demonstrator Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia. And it was practiced by right-winger Daniel Wenzek in Bea, California. The Rupert Murdoch media empire advocated it; definitely not as a ‘joke’.

Both the murder of Heather Heyer and the attempted murder by Daniel Wenzek were inspired by ‘mainstream’ right-wing campaigns by the Rupert Murdoch empire and others encouraging drivers to violently attack Black Lives Matter and other activists with pro-crime slogans like ‘Black Lives Splatter’.

While there were no fatalities reported after the Brea incident, the social media postings of Wenzek along with his overall personal history suggests a psychologically troubled individual with strong sympathies for the “alt-right” movement that inspired the Charlottesville killer.

He is reportedly a registered sex offender, having served a three-year prison sentence for an act he committed against a child under 14 years of age in 2006. After his release from prison in 2009, Wenzek became a born-again Christian and would regularly post Bible verses on his Facebook page.

Black Lives Splatter racist decal from nazi site Daily Stormer

This variation on the United States racist “All Lives Splatter” decal which encourages drivers to wound or kill protesters against police brutality is specifically a call to kill or injure supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is from the nazi Internet site Daily Stormer, one of the organisers of the Charlottesville violent fascist rally. The murderer of Heather Heyer got his inspiration from this.

After Parkland: The militarization of high schools in the US: here.

This state of permanent war and mass surveillance of the population has deadly consequences for the social psychology of the country, as witnessed by the fact that the Parkland shooter, Nicolas Cruz, sported his Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) shirt as he carried out the murder of classmates and administrators: here.

EXPOSED: NRA STAFFER PUSHED PARKLAND HOAX An official with the National Rifle Association corresponded with a prominent Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist to call into question the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, emails obtained by HuffPost show. NRA officer Mark Richardson emailed Wolfgang Halbig, a noted harasser of parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, to float a conspiracy theory about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people were killed last year. [HuffPost]

NRA COMES OUT AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT The National Rifle Association is opposing the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act over provisions designed to keep domestic abusers from having access to firearms. Under federal law, individuals convicted of domestic violence offenses against their spouses or family members are already barred from owning firearms. But the law does not apply to individuals who abuse their dating partners. The VAWA reauthorization bill would fix that, closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole.” The NRA has called the bill “a poison pill.” [HuffPost]

8 thoughts on “Kill Parkland massacre survivor, United States policeman says

    • In the case of the hatred of this policeman and other right-wingers against David Hogg, it is not even xenophobia. However, in other attacks on Stoneman Douglas school survivors there clearly is, eg, anti-Semitism and anti-Latin American bigotry.


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