London Conservatives co-responsible for disabled Grenfell disaster victim’s death

London Grenfell Tower fire

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Grenfell victim ‘denied human right to escape’

THE DAUGHTER of a Grenfell Tower victim launched a blistering attack on Kensington and Chelsea council today for housing a “vulnerable, physically disabled and partially sighted pensioner” on the 18th floor.

Nazanin Aghlani, daughter of Sakineh Afrasehabi, told the inquiry into the blaze, which killed 72 people last June, that the housing allocation team at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) shared responsibility for her mother’s death.

The 65-year-old Iranian grandmother, who moved to Britain in 1997, died with her sister Fatemeh, who was visiting on the night of the fire.

Ms Aghlani said: “As early as 2003, the RBKC housing department formally recognised and stated that, due to my mum’s disability and deteriorating health, she should not be housed in a lifted property above the fourth floor.

“I emphasise that was in 2003. Fourth floor, because that was her human right to escape, the right every single person should have.”

She said that, “after 16 years of waiting, she was rehoused in 2016 into flat 151 on the 18th floor of Grenfell Tower”, a move she said was “out of desperation and pressure from the council.”

Ms Aghlani added: “Every day, again and again, as our mind tries to make sense of this disastrous tragedy, we come to the conclusion that it was not only the horrifying fire that took my mum’s life that night.

“The discrimination and failure in duty of care by the housing allocations team which resulted in a vulnerable, physically disabled and partially sighted pensioner being housed on the 18th floor of a tower block equally took the life of my mum.

“Our mum lost her life not only due to the fire that night, but to the corporate negligence of the very people who were to ensure her safety. The very people who said, years before, that she was not to be housed above the fourth floor of a lifted building.”

Ms Afrasehabi’s son, Mohammed Samimi, asked the inquiry to remember his father, who he said was unable to come to Britain because his visa application was refused.

The inquiry will begin hearing formal evidence on Monday.

Protest against the privateer benefit assessor Maximus. THE TORIES have been stripping sufferers of multiple sclerosis of the vital funds they need to buy mobility scooters and vehicles if they can walk a single step over the course of 20 metres. Charity MS Society has called for the 20 metres rule to be scrapped: here.

Britain: Don’t let the government paint itself as a champion of disabled rights – it’s anything but: here.

16 thoughts on “London Conservatives co-responsible for disabled Grenfell disaster victim’s death

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  3. THE Tories have been forced into a U-turn over “blue badge” parking, after having to return the right to people with hidden disabilities such as mental health and autism.

    People with hidden disabilities were able to use reserved parking spots for decades after the blue badge scheme was introduced in 1970.

    But, when the Tory government changed disability entitlements rule in 2013 during the shift from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), the parking rights of people with autism and other hidden disabilities such as mental health problems were withdrawn.

    Many disabled people also lost their rights to subsidised transport such as specially adapted vehicles.

    The U-turn is a personal victory for disability rights campaigner Christine Stringer.

    She took legal action against the government after her 50-year-old son, who had autism, mental health problems and learning difficulties, saw his blue badge withdrawn under PIP.

    He had blue badge parking rights from the time he left school, but he was told it would be withdrawn under the new Tory regulations.

    Sadly the U-turn will not benefit Ms Stringer’s son — he died recently.

    Linda Burnip of campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts said: “This is yet another U-turn by the government forced on them by Christine threatening legal action on behalf of her son. He had a blue badge for 35 years then lost entitlement.”

    Jane Harris of the National Autistic Society said the change would “make a massive difference to the lives of many of the 600,000 autistic people in England and their families.”

    Around 2.4 million disabled people in Britain have blue badge rights.


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