Massacre of refugees in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

Refugees in a concentration camp in Bani Walid, Libya. 2018 Reuters photo

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports, basing itself on MSF/Doctors Without Borders, that Libyan jailers have killed at least 15 refugees. 25 refugees have been injured, some with dangerous bullet wounds and broken bones.

On Wednesday 23 May, the refugees had tried to flee from an ‘illegal’ prison in Bani Walid town, containing over 100 prisoners. Some managed to escape, but about 40 people, mainly women, are imprisoned again. MSF/Doctors Without Borders says the refugees are mainly teenagers from countries like Ethiopia and Somalia who wanted to claim asylum in Europe.

NOS TV says (translated):

Some of them were imprisoned for three years .. under appalling conditions. They have scars, burns and other injuries. They have since been transferred to detention centers in the capital Tripoli.

Presumably, ‘legal’ prisons, officially recognized by NATO countries’ governments. Also presumably, just as bad places of torture as the ‘illegal’ Bani Walid jail. NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ war on Libya made that country a hell of slavery and mass murder of refugees and of Libyan civilians.

9 thoughts on “Massacre of refugees in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

  1. Nato did not start the war. Kadhafi did. He is to blame for this situation. If this crazy dictator had not ruined his country and started a war against his own people NATO never had to intervere. It is true that NATO did not bring peace. But they are not responsible for the present situation.


    • NATO did start the war. I was in Libya in 2008 for archaeological reasons. It was not a ‘ruined country’ then; it is now. It contrasted favourably then with neighbours like Tunisia and Egypt (from where there was much immigration then). Christian churches were open, with Christian literature available there. Unlike Libya now, where Christians are murdered. Like feminists are murdered, etc, etc.

      Kadhaffi was a dictator indeed. But that had not bothered NATO at all for a long time (friendly visits by Tony Blair, US Senator McCain etc.) Just like it had not bothered NATO that NATO member Portugal was a fascist dictatorship. That ally Franco was a dictator. That Pinochet in Chile was a dictator. That Mobutu in Congo was a dictator. That Suharto in Indonesia was a dictator. That Mubarak in Egypt was a dictator. That Ben Ali in Tunisia was a dictator. That the colonels in NATO member state Greece were dictators. They all were good friends of the ‘free world’. And they all were deposed, not because of any ‘humanitarian’ NATO invasion; but because the people deposed them.

      NATO waged war on Libya not because of dictatorship, but because Libya had asked in 2011 that a bigger share of oil profits should go to Libya, not to corporations like BP, Shell or Total.

      The Pentagon (of all organisations) estimated in 2011 there could be a peaceful solution for Libya.

      But they were overruled by the war hawks in the USA, Britain and France. And NATO became the air force of Al Qaeda and other jihadists.

      As for ‘war against his own people’: the NATO countries support Sudan dictator Bashir, the Saudi and Bahraini absolute monarchies, etc.


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