American robin sings, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

American Robin Song and Call

The cheerful sounds of an American Robin singing its heart out! Given the common sound of Robins calling around the yards we may forget just how beautifully they can sing. This one jumps up on center stage clears his throat and gives a performance worthy of any Backyard songbird – Enjoy!

Despite the commonness of American Robins there are not a lot of films of them actually singing – mostly just static images, this is the first time I’ve caught a really nice example of the Robin singing and they can belt out a tune. Filmed in my Parents’ Backyard in southeastern Ohio May 20th [2018].

6 thoughts on “American robin sings, video

  1. Lovely song. I see robins often, and hear them often, but never at the same time. They seem to sing only in the trees.


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