Crested ibis, egrets, wagtails in China

Little egrets, 6 April 2018

After 5 April 2018 came 6 April. Still in Yangxian county, Shaanxi province, China. After our day at the golden pheasant hide, now river birds. Like the little egrets on this photo.

These egrets were at the Hanshui river close to Hanzhong city. Before arriving there, we saw crested ibis sculptures on city lamp posts.

Crested ibis, 6 April 2018

At the river, this living crested ibis arrived.

Crested ibis and frog, 6 April 2018

This ringed crested ibis caught a frog.

Crested ibis and frog, on 6 April 2018

It took the bird some time to eat the frog.

There were also smaller birds, like a snipe. And a plumbeous water redstart. A greenshank. A common sandpiper. A common kingfisher. A tree sparrow.

Yellow wagtail, 6 April 2018

And like this yellow wagtail.

Citrine wagtail, 6 April 2018

And this citrine wigtail. There was a white wagtail as well.

A male goshawk flying.

A bit further, a little ringed plover. And a wood sandpiper.

There will be more on birds in river areas in China. Stay tuned!

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