Angela Davis on how Clinton made Trump president

This January 2018 video says about itself:

Angela Davis Criticizes “Mainstream Feminism” / Bourgeois Feminism

Full lecture: here.

Translated from a report in Dutch daily Trouw, 8 May 2018, about African American activist Angela Davis in Paris, France:

In her own country the political wind is blowing more rightward than ever. As far as she is concerned, this is also the fault of the [establishment self-styled ‘centrist’] left: “If Hillary Clinton would not have had such a limited idea of feminism, then Trump would not have been elected. Her feminism is about the glass ceiling. The glass ceiling, the women for whom that is a problem have everything already. All they have to do is go through that ceiling. If Clinton would have also stood up for the black women, the trans women, the poor women, maybe then Trump would not have been elected.”

25 thoughts on “Angela Davis on how Clinton made Trump president

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