Serco corporation’s breast cancer quackery

This 12 July 2017 video from Britain says about itself:

Workers at the Royal Hospital in Whitechapel, East London continued their strike today after being refused a 30 pence an hour pay rise last month by their employer Serco.

A 5 May 2018 video from Britain used to say about itself:

Breast cancer hotline staff ‘had one hour’s training and fear making errors’:

Staff at a hotline set up to deal with the breast cancer screening scandal had just an hour’s training, it was claimed last night.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was forced to apologise in Parliament and admit up to 270 women may have died because of an IT error.

It meant since 2009. The 309,000 women still alive will be offered the catch up scan in letters sent out this month.

A hotline run by Serco went live at 4pm on Wednesday, just hours after Mr Hunt had made his statement in the House of Commons.

But despite the fact that Public Health England (PHE) has known about the problem since January, staff had less than two hours training before they were taking calls.

A Serco employee told the Guardian staff are normally given two weeks training before handling inquiries. They are using a cheat sheet of symptoms while dealing with distressed women who have missed screenings, it is claimed.

Workers told the Guardian they were “disgusted” at how the hotline is being operated as calls rose from 5,000 on Wednesday to 10,000 on Friday. One said: “I felt ashamed knowing what had happened to these women, taking these calls when I am not medically trained, have no counselling background.”

Serco told the paper: “Our operatives are all trained and experienced in providing contact services on behalf of public service customers.” … It comes as experts warned thousands of elderly women will now go through unnecessary surgery due to the scandal.

Read more here.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Monday, 7 May 2018


THE CANCER breast screening scandal has been exacerbated by news that the call handlers on the hotline set up by health secretary Jeremy Hunt and run by private contractor Serco had an hour’s training and were required to tick off a checklist of symptoms. Hunt announced the hotline last Wednesday after admitting 450,000 women between 68 and 71 had not received letters inviting them for a final breast cancer screening and that 270 lives may have been cut short as a result.

BMA member Anna Athow commented yesterday: ‘To find that there was no preparation for the urgent telephone calls of these desperate women, and that they are being fobbed off with talking to Serco call handlers with an hour and a half’s training, shows the highest contempt for these patients.

‘Worse, it appears that call handlers were supposed to be giving clinical advice to patients about what to do on the basis of their symptoms, through a hastily put together spreadsheet of clinical guidelines.’

Athow stressed: ‘The cancelling of invitations for breast screening for 450,000 women from 2009 to date, is absolutely scandalous. ‘Public Health England (PHE) was informed in March 2017, by at least two trusts, that women in the 68 to 71 year age groups were not being sent their letters. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that PHE only found out in January 2018 and he made his statement to parliament on the 2nd May. ‘It was obvious there was going to be massive worry amongst women in this age group who had missed their screening mammograms. ‘It is also obvious there has been a massive cover-up going on.

‘The whole strength of screening is that it is able to detect cancers in the breast in women with few if any symptoms. Screening can detect small and early cancers that give rise to no symptoms at all.

‘The very idea of asking call handlers to assess symptoms and then give advice is outrageous in the first place. These patients should all be offered the screening mammograms they missed, and not have to wait 6 months for them. That is the least that PHE should have urgently organised. ‘The fact that they covered this up for so long and now show that they do not want to offer patients immediate urgent mammograms, shows that NHS England is not the slightest bit interested in improving cancer care, but is determined to undermine and destroy it, in their drive for privatisation reforms.

‘The development of the national breast screening programme in 1988 was a huge gain of the NHS and has saved the lives of thousands of women. Cancers are much less likely to have spread to the lymph nodes and are responsive to complete cures, if they are picked up early.

‘Hunt has misled parliament and must resign’, concluded Athow. The trade unions must act to bring the whole Tory gang down.

Israel: Incoming Knesset member who said women’s immodesty causes breast cancer resigns.

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