McDonald Trump, Lowkey’s new music video

This music video from Britain says about itself:

15 April 2018

Official Video for Lowkey – McDonald Trump

Produced by Nutty P

Mixed by Guy Buss

The lyrics of this song are:

McDonald Trump, Mc-McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump, Mc-McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump, Mc-McDonald Trump
El pueblo unido jamás será vencido // shut him down
McDonald Trump, Mc-McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump, Mc-McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump, Mc-McDonald Trump
يا مجرم يا فاسد القدس تاج راسك // Shut him down!

[Verse 1: Lowkey]
700 billion a year to the fossil fuelers
750 billion a year to the rocket launchers
This monster’s morbid mob is sordid more than what’s reported
While this song’s recorded, hope a hundred humans cross the borders
Words of MLK, greatest violence purveyor
See ourselves in the afflicted, the environment decayer
Do it for Puerto Rico and Ibrahim Abu Turaya
He’ll get Ahed Tamimi while he’s tweeting London’s mayor
Harbingers of doom, they let the Trump comittee galavant
Passport not accepted, it’s a London City travel ban
Dystopian future like Amazon‘s camper vans
Merely an apprentice to the corporate gangster glamour gang

[Bridge: Lowkey]
ExxonMobil are writing this Trump script
The Koch brothers are riding this Trump ship
Wall Street is writing this Trump script
Raytheon and Lockheed riding this Trump ship, shut him down

9 thoughts on “McDonald Trump, Lowkey’s new music video

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